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NEWS solo PVs karaoke subbed

Hello! Just to let you know that I've karaoke subbed all of the solo PVs from NEWS's latest DVD (romaji/English/Japanese) ^-^ Join my community to download! sci_no_subs

MOLA - Yamashita Tomohisa

Love Addiction - Koyama Keiichiro

Ai Nante - Tegoshi Yuya

code - Nishikido Ryo

Shalala Tambourine - Kato Shigeaki

SUPERMAN - Masuda Takahisa

I've done loads of other PVs too (including other Johnny's ones) so please have a look at my list of subs!
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List of B-days and Western Zodiac

Here's the complete-ish cut and paste job of the new year!

I know I'm a crazy fangirl I made list @ my lj of hopefully all of the JE B-days and the list  in Western Zodiac form. 

HERE!   kaoruk 

It's easy so you can rush to any compatibility site and check if your a match! LOL or not! 

I tried it and I'm heart broken but - whatever- it's just for fun! ^.-


If you like this I'll make a Blood type/Eastern Zodiac one. 


Also if I messed up dates, Name, or current band membership let me know. Or if I left some one out let me know ok? Thank you!

 So I was making these JE Zodiac and B-day list for fun 9.9 (why) and I discovered Ohno and Maru have the same B-day AND they are BOTH going to be in Oh-chan's new drama Uta no Oniisan *_* Kya!
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Wellness Challenge sign up for DEC 2008

 Okay here it is! 

Also remember there are no prizes except for a new you. 

This is a members  only event so join and sign up here if you want to see the discussion and participate.

Here's the form:

Username: kaoruk
Goal for the month: 5lbs or 2.2 kg

And thats it.

Please don't post your overall weight loss goal  or your weight. 

HOWEVER, Also if your goal is to gain weight too thats okay too. ^_^ As long as every things healthy.

We start tomorrow! Jump in at any time.

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I'm thinking about starting a monthly JE_Life wellness challenge.

 Hey again! 

OMG the holiday seasons here and the year is almost over and then...I sit here an realize that my goal to loose weight for the new year is dashed. Oh why Pie! Why!? 

But then I think I have support. Lately I've been reading jwebs and translations of recomen(sp?) and see that I'm not alone.  Some of our favorite JE guys struggle with weight or at least are concerned about it. But in order to look idol worthy they sacrifice their favorite foods and hit the gym to keep the figures we love so much.

Forgive me if I'm wrong or I just could not find the actual source and Please Comment if you know any more stories etc of more. 


K8's Maru almost always on and off dieting. There's a clip from Janiben (080709) subbed by merky that highlights the talk of Maru's weight gain during drama while Ryo loss weight during his. 


Also, in Yamap jweb he has and entry about his friend that id trying to loose weight by eating banana's- that  I think is related to a Opera singer's Banana breakfast diet thats popular now, I think they even mentioned it in a K8 radio show.

And even in HSJ Arioka! There's a translation of a Popolo article where outlines a "diet" plan and lost 2kg in one year. CRAZY!

On the flipside there's the argument of some are way to thin. So there moderation to everything, ne?

Like that whole isOhnotothin thing over the summer. 


So how does that fit into our JE_Life comm?

I was thinking we can have a monthly weight loss challenge to support each other in our monthly goals. On the the last day of the month I'll post  a signup where we set the goals for the next month and log our final weights loss (Not our weight just how much you lost in the month). And on the 1st of every month I'll post a 
new discussion post where we can say what we did today and motivate each other? Is this a good idea? I'll make a Sign up post soon if anyone wants to join.

Remember I'm calling this a Wellness Challenge for a reason. Your encouraged to to thing safely and we are not liable or responsible for anything you do. So take care of yourself this is nothing but support for those who want to stay healthy.  

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For the Commute - Instapaper app for the iPhone/iPod Touch

I plan to make 2 or 3 updates today so watch your f-list.  Anywho-  

I just  want to say that this app saved my life when I couldn't get any really good net connection when my comp was MIA. 

Instapaper lets you keep save articles offline on your iPod Touch/ iPhone. You download the app, register on your comp and put a "READ LATER" button (drag and drop) into your browser (you can also save it in your bookmarks in you iPod/Phone). So all you have to do is if your browsing and you want to read something later. Click the button on your browser and the save the article. Later on your device you can push update and it will contact the Instapaper server so you can read the articles you saved offline.

I love this because I can read concert reports/translations/ or any Text heavy info on my device where ever I'm board of on the go. I read them in bed before I go to sleep too. I also save wiki stuff if I need to look at Kanji for names as reference or just fun stuff like the boys trivia etc. 

However if your going to save LJ things heads up! It cant save things from friend locked pages/comms because that needs login info that Instapaper's server can not contact.